Friday, February 03, 2006

Downstairs Neighbors, Again

So, lately, I've noticed a pattern with Downstairs Neighbors. Every evening - EVERY evening - at around eightish, I feel a strong vibration and hear a sort of booming sound, and I think to myself, "hmm, could that possibly be thunder?" (I really do. You'd think by now I'd be able to skip this part.) I quickly realize that, no, it is not thunder; it is merely Downstairs Neighbors blasting some sort of music (I think it's either metal or '70s rock - I'll have to ask). Apparently their speakers must be right up under their ceiling because the entire floor of my apartment conducts the bass.

When this first started a couple of weeks ago, I thought perhaps I should say something. "But, no," I thought, "they'll quickly realize that their music is way too damn loud and turn it down."


The mistake I made was doing nothing. Now, way too damn loud music is a matter of course for our evenings. If I were to be honest, though, the noise and vibrations don't really bother me all that much. If I lived above a club, for example, I would probably think, "hey, it's time to head downstairs for the party," or else, "wow, it's amazing how quiet it is, considering." But as this is definitely not a club, I'm offended by the fact that they either have no clue how to behave in an apartment building or else they are aware that their music is way too damn loud for eleven at night and that it disturbs the rest of us and yet they just play it anyway.

And also, their kids are loud. I'm hardly one to talk - I'm sure there have been many times when our neighbors have been ready to come after us with pitchforks and torches. But every night at one am, their baby wakes up and starts squalling (and every night, much like the thunder, I hear the sound and wonder for a moment if someone's cat is outside wailing to get back in). And the older kid makes weird giggling crying sounds that are very loud and ambiguous.

And on top of all of this, Downstairs Neighbors are prone to making huge, crashing, thudding sounds between midnight and two am. I can't figure out what could possibly make such noise other than pieces of furniture being knocked over, but I suspect it is just them jumping around for some reason that only they and God know and understand. Why they have to do it so late at night is even further beyond me.

Combined, these sounds are actually a little freaky, and while I don't really think that anyone is being hurt, I usually have at least a couple of moments each week during which I consider this possiblity and stand out in the hall for a while to make sure I'm wrong. So it's a bit stressful.

Last night, I once again considered knocking on their door, or even leaving a note, and asking them to keep it down. But you know how it is in apartment buildings: you try really, really hard to get along because you know how much you'd hate it if someone else came to complain to you. And also, you don't want to make enemies where you live. So lots of times, you try to grin and bear it, or else you try not to be home all that much.

I did, however, call the management company about the smoke, and someone is coming over today to attempt to hermetically seal us in. I'll keep you posted.

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