Tuesday, February 28, 2006

List of Five

I was just over on one of my new favorite blogs, and I saw this "List of Five" business. We don't have any such list in our relationship, but if we did, and just for the record and in no particular order, here's who'd be on mine at this particular moment in time:

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Johnny Depp
3. Jennifer Daniels (www.jenniferdaniels.com)

Ok, I seem to be having a little trouble with this list. I mean, what do we really have to go on, here? All I know about these people is what they look like, and that's not much, when it comes right down to it. I wouldn't sleep with a beautiful stranger in a bar without getting to know him/her a little first. And the thing about celebrities - the two things, actually - are that 1) we know that they're beautiful, and 2) we know only what they want us to know about them. For the most part. Not counting people like Paris Hilton, who are just nuts.

So, Angelina. I like Angelina because she's a cleaned up bad girl. I wouldn't have wanted to date her during the "I've-got-some-of-Billy-Bob's-blood-in-this-vial-and-he's-got-some-of-mine-in-his" thing, though I imagine it made both of them feel very cool. (I kind of thought it was very high school, not that anyone I knew in high school carried around anyone else's blood, but it's the kind of thing we might have thought was cool then just because it freaked everyone else out.) But I like that Angie wasn't afraid to be different, I like that she was honest about her relationship with a woman, and I like that she is, apparently, a woman who does what she wants to do with her life.

Now, Johnny Depp...I've been a fan of his since Jump Street (literally, hee hee), and he's a fabulous actor and from what I've heard an interesting, smart person. I like that he chooses interesting, smart roles in interesting, smart films. And he's totally yummy. But he's a little...odd. I have suspected for some time that it would be difficult to be in a longterm relationship with Johnny Depp. I think he gets a little too "into" his roles, and I would not want to be living in the same house with him when he is preparing to play a drugged up psycho killer.

Jennifer Daniels I don't know at all, but I heard her sing on Friday night, and she was sweet and charming and funny when she sold me a cd and a t-shirt, and she has the most incredible voice. And she's beautiful.

But I can't seem to come up with two more.

Because, you know why? When you come right down to it, cute and sexy are great and all, but what really turns me on is smart and funny. And it's hard to get smart and funny from a picture on a website or a role in a movie.


Someday Maybe said...

Right now, I think niceness and kindness are the biggest turn-ons in the world. But niceness can get boring, so it would have to be a really nice person with manic energy... and that's where I think it falls apart for me.

I like that about Johnny Depp, that he throws himself into his roles. I like people who can commit wholeheartedly to their work. I think that sort of decisiveness & commitment is the work of a true artist. You can fail, but you'll fail spectacularly which is better than fizzling.

I would love to contribute a List of Five, but... oh, what the heck:

1. Viggo Mortensen
2. Johnny Depp (is he on everyone's?)
3. Antonio Banderas (he's sexy AND I think he'd be really funny, too, but not too goofy-funny)
4. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (he should probably be #1... Viggo has just been on the list longer, I guess)
5. I should pick an athlete... not one who is too weatherbeaten or emaciated... also not one whose thighs are so big they're scary... can I say "athlete to be named later?"

So there's my five, but it should be noted that the slot of "person I'm in a committed relationship with" is open.

Anne said...

I would add Rev. Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping. Funny, sexy and smart. Plus wierd.