Thursday, February 09, 2006

Network Television

I am so far removed from network tv these days that:

- the other evening, when I was in my regular coffee shop, I told a local anchor that the local news sucked. (I didn't know he was who he was, though if I had, I might have told him anyway. But in that case, it would not have been funny.)

- I had no idea that John Leguizamo (one of my favorite actors and pretend boyfriends) had joined the cast of ER. Or, for that matter, that Dr. Carter had gone away again. Or even that ER was still on. (WTF is up with that? Is there a storyline that exists that they have yet to play out?)

- I no longer think of Lost as a tv show. It has become a video that I purchase on a weekly basis from iTunes.

- had I not been invited to a couple of Super Bowl parties, I would never have known that the Super Bowl was even happening. (Well, I guess that illustrates my removal from quite a few things!)

- I routinely miss awards shows, even in the unlikely event that I want to see one.

- and finally, I don't get any of the references to The O.C. (I don't even know if I spelled that right (is there a space? is there a "the"?).)

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