Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Comments and Scavenger Hunt

Hey - as long as you're here, leave a comment. Please. It would make me very happy. I know you're reading the thing...let's see some comment action!

And while I'm at it, let me just add that, to either my chagrin or delight - or maybe a little of both - a consistent study of search terms that lead to my blog finds that most people who find me via a search are looking for:

- breastfed+baby+poop

- Robert Smith's photo

- eating+during+class

- why+moms+leave

- rude+people

- Kathy+Griffin

- bad+neighbors+smoke

I gotta love the fact that I come up in a search for breastfed baby poop!


math4knitters said...


Tim said...

Is there some sort of karmic harmony when "breastfed baby poop" appears with "why moms leave," and immediately precedes "Robert Smith's photo" (whomever Robert may be)? Or is the presence of karma even stronger when Kathy Griffin can't even make it to the top of a "breastfed baby poop" list?

Aren't you glad you asked for comments?

Drek said...

Aw, crap! I gotta comment? But commenting is so hard! Can't I just write a post about you instead?

Plain(s)feminist said...

tim - what I love about your comment is that it leads me to imagine what Kathy Griffin would have to say about it - "This would never happen to Angelina Jolie!"

blackpointyboots said...

I want to know why breastfed baby poop is right up there with Robert Smith. Not too things I generally put together.

Great now I have this image in my mind of Robert Smith wearing one of those 50's housewife frilly aprons while doing the ironing...

EBuz said...

"eating during class" is my favorite. What could that person possibly have been looking for? Permission?

Anonymous said...

"eating during class" maybe they were looking for a menu or pictures. :)