Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So I almost went Unruh today...


(Yes, this is again turning into The Blog of Abortion. I promise to include something heartwarming or funny just as soon as something heartwarming or funny happens.)

I thought about calling in crazy this morning. I just couldn't get on top of my anger. I dropped off my son at daycare, turning around to notice the ugly abortion truck driving by, the one my son had just missed seeing. (I'll never understand the logic by which teaching children and young adults about reproductive health and functions is immoral and unnecessary, but exposing them to what they will see as unspeakable violence is a required part of their social education.)

I had visions of myself plowing into the friendly neighborhood abortion truck. I imagined the headlines: "Local Woman Goes Berserk; Threatens Truck Driver with Coat Hanger."

I drove to work, still seething about all the lies and the lies and the lies.

And then an acquaintance happened by, someone who reads this blog and knows that I am struggling with not going over to the Robert Regier (our homegrown version of James Dobson) side, the one that believes that people who don't agree with it are evil.

This acquaintance is someone I think very highly of. She's talented, funny, and smart - yes. But mostly I respect her for recognizing the complexity of life and for not thinking she has all the answers. She listens. She is interested in learning for the sake of learning. She isn't afraid to hear new ideas that might challenge the ones she already has.

And she said, "if you ever want to talk with a pro-lifer, if you ever want to vent your anger, you can talk to me."

But the thing is, I would never get angry at her. Partly this is because she is not one of the people who is agitating for the ban to pass. But mostly because I cannot imagine having a conversation with her about a serious issue that was not grounded in mutual respect and sincere search for truth.

And I think the fact that she would offer herself as target practice, basically, having read my blog and knowing that I am, as Anne Lamott would say, "not remotely well enough" to be trusted with a firearm, tells you a lot about the kind of person she is.

I told you today that you restored my faith in humanity. You really did. Thank you.

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