Saturday, October 21, 2006

Poogled! And other new uses for the English language.

Poogled: a cuter form of "punked." It originated about 14 years ago, when I pointed out a poodle to my sweetie, and he said, "poogle?," and I immediately played along, insisting that, yes, it was a poogle, which was, I declared, a strange breed of poodle mixed with beagle. Ever since, when we fool each other, we've been poogled.

Since everyone is making up definitions around here to suit their politics, I figured I'd offer a few of my own. I thought it might be fun to come up with a whole slew of fun vocab words at the expense of some of our worst citizens. So, here's what I've got so far. Please add more!!!

Hunt: an intentional deception. As in, "I can't believe you just pulled a Hunt on me like that!"

Unruh: unstable mental health. similar to "postal." As in, "I was standing in line behind her and she went all Unruh, so I got the hell out of there!"

ChantalKrebs (said fast, like one word): last year. As in, "I was going to buy one, but then I decided that it was too ChantalKrebs." [Note: She owns a shoe store. You know I had to go after her sense of style, right?]

And let's not forget that in South Dakota, "terminating a pregnancy" means "taking a birth control pill." "Banning abortion" means "not banning abortion." "No exceptions" means "some exceptions." And "that makes Baby Jesus cry" means "I have conversations with my houseplants."

(I know, I know. I'm getting out of hand. I just couldn't help that last one. I mean, I know for a fact that Jesus is a grown man.)

Your turn!! Post 'em if you got 'em!

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