Saturday, October 14, 2006

This seems to be taking things a little too far...

I know that the stores are anxious to turn every holiday into a consumer event.

But I was not prepared for this:

I mean, ok, I can understand the flowers. But the cupcakes? I can't decide if this is bad taste or just weird:

But here's the one that really made me scratch my head:

And here I thought it was only the red ones that were dangerous.


ken said...

Take a walk through a sports store! I was shocked by how many pink breast cancer related products there are (all year round actually)--aimed at girls and women of course. Soccer balls, tennis racquets, tennis balls (which I admit I have bought), field hockey sticks, and the usual apparel.
Not sure how well the breast cancer M&Ms go over. At my Hy-Vee they were on sale all last spring for $1.99.

Anonymous said...

"Large Bag Breast Cancer"....I didn't know you couldn't buy that for so cheap.

Sally Pepper said...

Can't believe someone at Hy-Vee didn't think that one through a little more ... Doesn't Jay Leno do a segment on his show with goofed-up newspaper headlines and signs? Send it in!

Anonymous said...

Holy wow! Just found you site, and as a fellow SoDak feminist, I know first's not easy. Or in some's not even safe! Pheasant hunting just ain't for pheasants anymore!