Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I love my short, gay coffee!*

I've been reading a lot about coffee, lately, thanks to Barista Brat's blog. The other day, I read so many of her blog posts that I had to run out and a get a tall, nonfat, decaf latte (no joke!).

So today I decided to do a little poking around and make sure that I understood all of her coffee drink references. I ended up on wikipedia, where I found this entered under "Starbucks":

Starbucks has also been accused of "product sabotage" by hiding its "short cappuccino" from its public menu. Short cappuccino is smaller (8 ounces), cheaper than their smallest size on the menu, the "tall". The short cappuccino has the same amount of espresso as the 12-ounce tall (1 oz.), which, according to several media accounts, leads to a bolder and better coffee taste.[25] [26] However, it should be noted that a Grande Cappuccino will have the same taste as a short cappuccino because it has the same ratio of espresso to steamed milk and foam. A short having one shot of espresso (1 oz.) is eight ounces in size, meaning 7 oz. of milk and foam. A grande cappuccino having two shots of espresso (2 oz) is sixteen ounces in size meaning 14 oz. of milk and foam, which has the same 1:7 ratio of espresso to milk and foam that a short cappuccino has, and is equally as homosexual.

I have three comments.

First - that last sentence has me rolling. Click to get it.

Second - I'm shocked, shocked, I say, that there is a "short" option. I have on many occasions wished that I could get an 8oz. coffee drink, which is really all the coffee one needs in one sitting. (And why isn't there a "short" everything else???) This leads me to comment #3:

When I ask you for a "small," and you, the barista, know that there is actually a "short" back there and that it is, in fact, your "small" drink - why the hell do you keep giving me a "tall"?!

I take back my apology!

*Who can tell me which movie I adapted this quote from?


BRi said...

Heathers!!! The movie is Heathers!! "I love my dead gay son!"

Plain(s)feminist said...

YES! Bri gets it! Trivia for pride!

BRi said...

hahaha I LOVE that movie! I was just saying that the other day, and my friends were like, "uhhhh...what?"
It is now my new goal to spread Heathers to the masses.

I haven't seen you around lately!! Hope all is well!