Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sitting in the observation area while my little guy was in class, I noticed the woman next to me filling out "Vote Yes for Life" postcards to send to folks she wanted to encourage to vote in favor of the abortion ban. I thought about my post on anger, and resolved not to get angry. It worked, actually. We chatted a bit; she watched my stuff when I went to the bathroom. I kept waiting for her to offer me a postcard so that I could very pleasantly tell her I was batting for the other team, as it were, and test out the boundaries of my resolve (and hers), but she never did.

And now I really wish she had.

Because this is incredible. If you're having trouble reading the fine print, this Vote Yes for Life postcard reads, "under this law, women have the option of terminating pregnancies that are the result of rape and incest."

Since emergency contraception does not affect pregnancies - regardless of what one's beliefs are about emergency contraception, it is not considered to be an abortifacient by the medical community - I can only conclude that 1) they are playing fast and loose with this information, since their definition of "pregnancy" differs from the medical definition, or 2) they are blatantly lying. Either way, I'm pretty sure this is illegal.

As soon as I verify the postcard, my next call will be to the state Attorney General.

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Kelsey said...

Allen Unruh and Roger Hunt came to USD to do a panel discusson on 6 and they basically lied through their teeth the whole time. It was just lie after lie after lie. Completely incredible. I thought I might tear my hair out.